strange engineering components

rear double adjustable coilover shocks & spring package $660.00



Stroke 3.86″ / Extended 13.84″ / Compressed 10.00″

Recommended Ride Height

11.75″ – 12.125″


Stroke 4.64″ / Extended 15.40″ / Compressed 10.76″

Recommended Ride Height

12.625″ – 13.250″


Stroke 5.52″ / Extended 17.15″ / Compressed 11.64″

Recommended Ride Height

13.875″ – 14.50″

• Aluminum bodies
• Coil-over design
• Independent adjuster knobs
• 10 extension & compression settings
• High misalignment spherical bearings 

Hyperco Springs
• 12″ x 2.5″ ID
• Choice of spring rate

Spring Seat Bearing Kit – S1409
• Eliminates binding
• Eases ride height adjustment

rear single adjustable coilove shock & spring kit $460.00


Same dimensions as the double adjustable shocks.  

Altered Strut Packages $1785.00



Strut Package Includes

Ultra Altered Struts
• 4130 steel bodies
• Brake tabs installed for optional brake kit – See B4593WC
• Nickel plated to resist corrosion
• Externally adjustable for extension rate
• 1.250″ stroke (with bumper installed)
• Designed, machined, & built by Strange Engineering

Top Spring Seat with Encased Torrington® Bearings
• Reduces steering friction
• Allows height adjustments without springs binding

Billet Aluminum Steering Arms
• Provides stiffness while remaining lightweight 

Lower Control Arm Fabrication Kit – S3418 / S3419
• Semi-finished TIG Welded 4130 lower control arms
• Inner tubing adapters
• Teflon® lined spherical ball LCA bearings
• Choice of 7/16″ or 1/2″ Teflon® lined chrome moly rod ends
• NAS bolts, ESNA flanged locking nuts, & 3AN washers

Coil Springs
• 5″ x 2″ ID
• Altered……. SP50170
• Dragster…. SP50130
• Black coated – Can be ordered bare

Pro Race Custom Axle Packages


Strange Pro Race custom axles are made from an ultra strength alloy known as Hy-Tuf. When combined with a thru-hardened heat treat, the Hy-tuf axles achieve superior torsional strength and ductility. Strange offers various packages including bearings, studs, retainer plates and/or spools to accommodate popular applications.

spools an bearings


Spools permanently lock both axle shafts together so both rear tires will always turn at the same speed. Many Strange spools allow the use of larger axle splines that tremendously increase axle strength. The lighter and stronger steel spool also improves ring and pinion life by providing a more rigid gear mounting. Strange Pro Race Spools are forged with Strange designed tooling from premium steel. The forgings are machined on all critical surfaces by computer controlled machining centers and are fully heat-treated

Brake systems front & rear


Strange Engineering offers a variety of brake kits to cover applications from street to strip as well as a wide selection of master cylinders, brake lines, fittings and gauges. Strange has developed its drag race line of brake kits and components by testing and working with championship racers and listening to their demands. With a full line of front and rear brake kit options, Strange offers an extensive selection to accommodate most popular applications.

Master cylinders


The Strange dual inline master cylinder is ideal for vehicles requiring four wheel braking. The 1.032” bore master cylinder (B3360) is recommended for vehicles using OEM brakes, or, a combination of 4 piston rear brakes and single piston/two piston front brakes. The 1.125” bore master cylinder will allow optimum volume and pressure for vehicles using 4 piston calipers on the front and rear. 

9" Center Sections & Parts


The 9 inchFord rear has been the preferred rear of choice in the drag racing industry for generations. That being said, not all 9 inch Ford cases and assemblies are created equal. Strange Engineering offers 5 different 9 inch case options, various pinion supports, gear sets and components to satisfy any application. And when the cases are mated with the highest quality components available, the strongest and most reliable assemblies on the market are created.

Quick Release Couplers


Strange quick release steering hubs are SFI certified. The billet aluminum hubs are a completely self-contained mechanism. A 4130 stub shaft is furnished for ease of installation and the keyed spline allows for easy wheel orientation. The Q1000 is designed for butterfly steering wheels and the Q1200 fits 5 bolt Grant style steering wheels.