About Us

a passion for the sport

Rineharts Performance Inc. started out as a young kid growing up on a small farm in Pennsylvania  He would ride his bike, every weekend, 1.5 miles to York US 30 Dragway and park it in the corn field. From there we would walk into the pits and hang around gathering small bits of information that would one day be used on his own race cars.  From that point on, in 1965, Mart Rinehart sr. started racing in pure stock.  He raced as much as he could afford until 1968 when he and his wife , Bonnie had a son.  The racing slowed down for a few years to raise their family.  But his passion to race did not.  

As the racing became more frequent and his son got old enough to go along, Mart started doing some more bracket racing, as that was a more economical way to continue racing.

In 1984 Mart and his son Marty Rinehart Jr, started building a new car together.  When it was finished, Marty jr. began doing the driving and the car was impressive to a few fellow racers.  Another racer wanted a car built just like it.  from there, more and more racers began asking to have cars built.  In 1986, Rineharts Performance began as an official business.

Passion turns into a business

As the business began to grow, the need to get better parts from manufacturers began.  Rineharts Performance began developing relationships with the large racing companies.  This convinced them to buy in to these companies to become dealers. 

By building the list of high quality racing manufacturers, it instilled in our business motto to surround ourselves with great people.

Rineharts Performance goes INCORPERATED

Today, Rineharts Performance Inc. is a builder of high quality race cars and uses only the best products in the industry.  This helps develop safer, faster and more consistent race cars for our customers.  

Our ultimate goal is to help customers win more races.