ATI PERformance products

Superglide 4 Powerglide Transmission


Powerglide Transmissions HP Rating

  Superglide 4 3500 

 Superglide 2 2400    

High Impact Pro Glide 1800   

Pro Glide - Straight Cut 1500    

1.76  Super Set Pro Glide 850    

Ultra  Glide 600  

 Transbrake  Pro Glide 750    Footbrake Pro Glide 600

Superglide 4 PowerglideTransmission  Max HP
3,500 HP


  • Vasco Gear Set - 1.62, 1.64                                      or 1.82 Ratio
   • Custom Sun Gear for 1.1875 Input Shaft
     • Custom Output Sun Gear Bushing
    • Precision-balanced 4340 Carrier with                                      4340 Output   (TH400 diameter)

   • Custom Clutch Hub
• ATI SuperCase                                      and Tailhousing
•300MInputShaft                                      with full 1.1875” Diameter

Custom Super Pump for 1.1875 Input                                                                 Custom 10 Clutch Drum / Clutch Hub                                

 • Premium Competition Friction Super                                      Band                                 

• HD 4140 Band Adjuster                                   

• Wicked Quick Aluminum Billet Valve Body                                      

• Billet Twin Seal Servo and Cover                                  

 • Deep Aluminum Cast Pan
• Lokar Direct Mount Dipstick                                   

 • Transmission                                     Catch Can                                

   • 6 AN FittingsStandard                                

 • High Flow Filter System

• Multi Lever

 • Roller Governor Support

 • Bearing in Case for Output Shaft

 • Case to Bell Stud Kit



Reverse Manual Valve Body. Good for high HP cars up to 3200 lbs. Rated to 1200 HP.

                              • Race Clutches and Steels
                              • Blueprinted High Flow Front Pump
                              • Heat-treated Stator Tube
                              • Roller Bearings
                              • ATI Reverse Manual Compu Flow Valve Body
                              • ATI Severe Duty Alum Direct Drum
                              One-year warranty on Drum Assembly
                              • 300M Input Shaft with OEM steel drum
                              • Vasco Intermediate Shaft
                              • HD Steel Forward Clutch Hub
                              • HD Center Support
                              • HD Clutch Packs
                              • High Flow Filter
                              • Deep Aluminum Cast Transmission Pan
                              • 2.48 Low Gear-helical   401550 - OEM Case $2,695.00   401550SC - SuperCase and Chevy Bell $4,095.00   401555 - OEM Case & Transbrake $2,895.00   401555SC -  with Transbrake, SuperCase
and Chevy Bell $



Used by Stock and Super Stock Eliminator  Cars in NHRA & Class Racing - HP ratings                           below based on 3400 lbs vehicle


  • Race Clutches and Steels
• Blueprinted High Flow Front Pump
• Aluminum forward Drum
• Aluminum Direct Drum with HD Sprag  Assembly
• Clutch Packs set up for HP/Weight
• Super Low Drag “SLD” Option        installed
• HD 300M Input Shaft - PG or                                Turbo Spline avail.
• Deep Aluminum Cast                                Pan
• Installed ATI Reverse Manual Valve                                Body
Note: Specify PG                                or Turbo spline input
 For units producing over 1000 horsepower, please  call and consult your ATI Sales Technician for    further details on what we can offer you.                                  

351600 - Chevy Case up to 650 HP $2,895.00    351600SC - SuperCase and Chevy Bell $4,349.00    351601 - Chevy Case up to 850 HP
                              Includes coated pump gears and #355270 forward drum - turbo spline only! $3,095.00    351601SC - SuperCase and Chevy Bell $4,549.00   

Treemaster® Racing Torque Converters


Are you looking                                    for a new torque converter for your drag racing needs? There absolutely no compromises                                      with ATI sprag-equipped Treemaster®                                        racing torque converters! Unlike other torque                                        converter manufacturers that use refurbished                                        OEM parts, ATI uses all new components.                                        In fact, ATI is the only independent company                                        that has this capability. Because of its                                        ability to control all aspects of the manufacturing                                        process, ATI has the advantage of designing                                        each component for optimum efficiency and                                        total durability.

                                      Each Treemaster® racing torque converter                                        is custom configured to your exact application                                        to put the power to the ground. It’s                                        the perfect compliment to an ATI drag race                                        transmission.

ATI Super Damper® Harmonic Dampers


The patented ATI Super Damper is the only crankshaft                            damper designed exclusively for high performance Chevy                            engines. 

Inner and outer shells are available in aluminum or                            steel, and contain a steel inertia weight. This inertia                            weight has six (2-ring design) or eight (3-ring design)                            computer machined grooves to retain the proper durometer                            O-rings (dyno tested for each application).  

Super F® ATF


                                      We’ve track-tested Super F™ to be highly effective in Powerglides, Turbo-Hydro 350 and 400, Torqueflite 727 and 904, as well as Ford C-4 and C-6 automatics. Super F is great for any non-electric                                       transmission. There are a multitude of reasons why  Super F synthetic ATF is the BEST fluid                                       for your automatic transmissions. Super F can also be used in high performance street applications, and is excellent for towing use. It can be mixed with petroleum-based ATF without harm, but obviously the higher the percentage of Super F in the mix, the better the performance and reliability will be.