Chassis Alignment & Set-ups


Chassis Alignment & Set-ups are one of our best features. Each car is precisely set up, aligned and placed on 4 wheel digital scales to ensure our ultimate goal; "To Hook Hard & Go Straight." 

On-Track testing and Chassis tuning is available to make your car faster and more predictable. This service is not justfor cars we've built. We can help tune your car that was built elsewhere.

 All you do, is pay our expenses and hourlyrate and you have our undivided attention. You will have us on the starting line with you to line you up in the groove and video your run. 

BMRS Plumbing


When it comes to plumbing a race car, Rineharts Performance doesn't cut corners with inexpensive hhose or fittings.  There is nothing better on the market than Brown & Miller Racing Solutions.  It is the safest product in the industry.  It is very flexible and light weight.  We have plumbed one of the fastest cars in the country and reduced an additional 15 pounds from the car, by using BMRS products.

Race Engine Combinations, Design and Assembly Program


Race Engine Combinations, Design and Assembly Program gives you an advantage by having us select items such as: Cylinder head ports & Cam profiles to Ring combinations & Compression ratios. Each part helps make up the whole package for the best possible results and longevity. We know You certainly want the best results for your money.



Wiring is just part of finishing a race car. We use the correct sized wire, fuses and relays to protect your valuable components. This is like "jewelry " for a chassis. When it's complete, the detail put in wiring and plumbing of a race car, adds to the look and doesn't hinder it. "It's just our way of doing things"

third member set-up and assembly


Rear Differential  ring and pinion gear assembly is offered for 9" Ford, 10 & 12 bolt Chevy and Dana rear housings. This includes Pro gears or street gears. NOTE: The center section (Ford 9") or rear housing

rear housing narrowing & fabrication


Rear Housings need to be the right length.  Tires need to be tucked inside the wheel well openings to fit properly and make the stance look   finished.

We cut the housing down and reinstall the housing ends in a fixture to ensure concentricity to be true and square.  Then, we TIG weld the joint to ensure a proper seal.

complete race car fabrication

fully tig welded 4130 chrome moly roll cages & back half


We start with 4130 condition N  1 5/8" -.083 wall Chrome Moly tubing and custom bend the bars to fit the body.  We don't use generic kits.  Each car is measured and bent on our tubing bender in house

Tubular front clips w/ Tubular A arms or Struts


Front tube clips save a lot of weight.  Using tubular a arms and control arms will save even more weight.  This will gain the ability to get more caster on the front end to keep it more stable at high speeds.

This is not legal in some classes.

Floor structure


Using frame connects always stiffens up a chassis for drag racing.  We ca also go to the next level in safety and rigidity, by fabricating the floor out of 4130 Chrome Moly.  This is only where the sanctioning body will allow 

Super Stock legal front clip using stock A arms


some classes like NHRA Super Stock require using the factory A Arms.  To get the most out of a factory front suspension, we use Teflon lined aluminum bushings in the upper and lower control arms.  This allows free movment without any drag from the stock bushings.  

When the rules allow, we cut out the center of the cross member out and brace it up, to allow removal of the oil pan.

We mount our Santhuff shocks on the bottom with Rineharts Performance, NHRA legal weld on shock mounts.  They help control the High energy Santhuff Springs from getting the front end too high in a crowd pleasing wheel stand.

stretched wheel wells


Did you ever wonder how you get a 33" tire on an all steel body?  We stretch the wheel wells to fit the big tires.  We move the front and back of the wheels well away from the center line if the rear and weld it all back in.

rear Housings for back halfed cars or full tube chassis


We build the rears to take any amount of power that you can put out.

our facility

sheet metal area


weld and fab area


weld table / tubing bender


cylinder head porting and test area


engine assembly area


Machine area