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BR30 Break-In 5W-30 $9.49/ QT.



The same high zinc and phosphorus formula as our original break-in oil, now in a SAE 5W-30 viscosity for tight clearance and/or low temperature break-in. Good for restrictor plate engines, drag race engines, and OEM rebuilds. Provides excellent ring sealing. Requires no additional additives. Good for full power pulls on the dyno, one night of racing or up to 400 miles on the street.

XP2 0W-20 $19.99 / QT.



  Used by Joe Gibbs Racing in all their Nationwide Series roller camshaft engines and restrictor plate flat tappet engines. Viscosity typical of SAE 0W-20.                                    Learn More 

XP10 0W-10 $19.99 / QT.



  Utilizes select synthetic base oils to fine tune for increased horsepower and improved ring seal. Ideal for wet-sump drag race engines, 800+ cubic inch drag race engines and restricted air-flow engines with tight clearances. Viscosity typical of 0W-10.                                    Learn More 

XP1 5W-20 $19.99 / QT.



Used by Joe Gibbs Racing in all their unrestricted engines. Viscosity typical of SAE 5W-20.                                    Learn More 

XP8 5W-30 $9.49 / QT.



 $9.49                                        A high zinc, petroleum formula racing oil, XP8 offers low cost protection for racers who want to use non-synthetic oil. Excellent low cost drag racing oil. Viscosity typical of SAE 5W-30.                                    Learn More 

XP3 10W-30 $16.99 / QT.



   A higher viscosity version of XP1, it offers outstanding high-temperature, high-shear protection. Viscosity typical of SAE 10W-30.                                    Learn More